About Us

Gaia is the Geography, Environmental Studies and Geomatics Student Association. We are here to serve and represent the student bodies of these programs and to help better their university experience.

“Gaia“ (pronounced guy-a), according to Greek Mythology, is the goddess of the Earth. James Lovelock used the term in the 1970s to describe the earth as a living, self-regulating organism.

The Executive Committee is elected every year during the winter semester. The eight positions responsible for the association’s daily administration are:

  • President ;
  • VP Finance ;
  • VP University Affairs ;
  • VP Communications, Anglophone ;
  • VP Communications, Francophone ;
  • VP Social Affairs, Anglophone ;
  • VP Social Affairs, Francophone ;
  • and Corporate Secretary ;

Gaia represents the interests of undergraduate students in the department of geography and environmental studies in the Faculty of Arts within the SFUO, the University, and the community. It’s a departmental association under the SAFA (Students’ Association of the Faculty of Arts) which is a non profit corporation that includes over 4000 members and is the biggest student association at the University of Ottawa. The SAFA along with a board of directors made up of members from all 13 departmental association run the faculty student assocation. The students’ association also works to foster a sense of community through social and cultural events, while at the same time offering a variety of services to its members.